Blundstone Campaign Featured in Mobile Marketer

Kate Shevack is featured in Mobile Marketer this week, where they talk to her about Blundstone’s HowIRoam 2016 campaign and how it taps into social media influencers.

By tagging Blundstone on Instagram and attaching the hashtag #HowIRoam, users enter themselves into the running for a trip for two to Tasmania, the company’s home.

“Tasmania is the home of the Blundstone brand, a destination with beautiful, rugged and wild landscapes,” said Kate Shevack, managing partner of Brand Initiatives Group, which leads U.S. marketing initiatives for Blundstone.

“Blundstone is proud of its origins, connecting with our brand heritage reinforces our authenticity and our continued connection with our roots. On a mobile device, through what we feature on our website, email communications and on our social channels, consumers will get a deeper understanding of what Blundstone stands for, and hopefully develop a bond with our brand that will last them a lifetime.”

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