Step 1 – Setting The Course
Each brand and organization represents unique challenges and it is important for us to be thoroughly briefed and get up to speed quickly. Our team digs deep, gaining critical knowledge and understanding through analysis of available information, research and discussion with key drivers of the project and other leaders of the business. Once this is accomplished, the Input Sheet is developed and will serve as the project roadmap, listing the workshop participants, goals, essential background information, deliverables and timing. This is incorporated into a briefing document that includes additional information or stimulus that can help everyone get focused prior to the workshop.
Step 2 – The BIG Workshop
The Right People
The workshop is designed to provide a stimulating environment where participants are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas in a dynamic interchange we call ‘creative streaming.’ Rejecting ideation gimmicks or exercises, BIG relies on openness and spontaneity to break down walls and uncover important insights. We recommend inviting a diverse group of stakeholders who bring different perspectives and expertise and encourage them to approach the discussion with an ‘owner’s mindset.’ Groups have ranged from as small as 23 to as large as 250.
Step 3 – Early Thinking
We record all the thoughts and comments uncovered in the workshop and create an Output Flow, identifying which ideas seem to offer the greatest potential and then develop positioning areas we believe are worthy of further consideration.
Step 4 – The Final Recommendation
We may present several alternative recommendations, but always with a strong conviction for which is the strongest. If desired, we can design and implement qualitative or quantitative research to provide additional learning and validation.
Step 5 – Developing The Strategic Roadmap
After helping our clients determine who they are, we are often engaged to help them determine where they want to go and how to get there. Working collaboratively with the client team we design a strategic roadmap that supports their financial goals and maximizes the potential of the brand or business. This usually starts with activating the new positioning ideas internally. Everyone within the organization must embrace it rationally, emotionally and above all, personally. Next, we are often asked to develop an integrated external marketing execution plan, which can include helping identify and manage optimal outside agency partners.